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  • RECENT LECTURE  “Music in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds,” a 3-part class taught by Rafael at the Lucy Moses School. For more info. click here; for info. about Rafael’s ongoing lectures and conversations, click here.

  • Author of A Pianist: Wanderings of the Mind and Spirit,
    a memoir of a life in music. Click here to read more.

  • Teacher: for nearly three decades a piano teacher in New York City, working with children and adults in both an academic and private setting. Click here to learn more about private piano lessons in NYC.

  • Lecturer: leading conversations that focus on music, art and cultural history from different styles, periods and traditions. Click here to learn more.

  • Musician: to listen to selected recordings and compositions by Rafael, click here.

  • Competition Judge: Rafael has served as a judge in piano competitions. Click here for more.

photograph by Victor Dizon, used with permission

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