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In 2014 Rafael launched a series of lectures and guided conversations on art, history and music, which he presents both in large lecture halls and to small, private groups. The events include prepared notes and timelines, and a conversation led by Rafael on subjects like Music in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt and Music in the 12th Century. In addition to dozens of slides featuring images and photography, he brings historical artifacts that students can examine to help make a connection with the past.
See below for examples of artifacts.

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Above: “Music in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds,” a 3-part lecture series at the Lucy Moses School in New York City, October 2016


Above: “Music and History in the Ancient World,” a lecture at the Conservatory of Music in PR, November 15, 2018


Above: Music and history lectures at Lucy Moses School, New York City, November 2016

Rafael lecture

Above: a conversation in New York City about Music in Ancient Greece, July 2014

Rafael Germany-talk

Above: a conversation in Hildesheim, Germany, about studying and playing the piano, Summer 2014


Above: a conversation in Ft. Lauderdale, FL about music and history, August 2015 

Artifacts from recent talks on music and history

IMG 2275

Artifacts, from the right, front row: 

Two Old Judeaen  Oil Lamps ca. 6th century CE
Egyptian Blue-Green Faience Ushabti - Third Intermediate Period ca. 1069-945 BCE   XXI Dynasty
Old Babylonian Plaques With Musicians -  ca. 1950-1650 BCE
Greek Terracota Head of a Youth  ca. 3er - 1st century BCE
Greek Terracota Head of a Goddess  ca. 3er - 1st century BCE
West Greek Black Glazed Amphoriskos ca. 6th century BCE
Attic Greek Black Lekythos  ca. 5th century BCE
Large Judaean Jug ca. 5th - 1st century BCE
Small Judeaen Juglet  ca. 5th - 1st century BCE
Three Wedgewood Porcelain Pieces - 19th - 20th  century


Artifacts from the Hixenbaugh Ancient Art Gallery in New York, from left to right:

Peruvian flute circa 800 CE still plays. During this time, Charlemagne is crowned Holy Roman Emperor and the Vikings begin invading England.

The ushabti (Egyptian figurine) is from the Third Intermediate Period c. 1069-945 BCE.  During this period, the joined reign of David and Solomon was occurring in Judah. The Eygptians already had full orchestras with strings, winds and percussion in the royal courts.

Greek vases: the West Black Glazed Amphoriskos is from. c. 6th century BCE.  The Attic Black Glazed Lekythos is from Athens c. 5th century BCE, during the iron Age in Europe.

The Chalcophone (between the Greek vases) is from the Archaic Period circa 800 BCE, which coincided with the Bronze Age in Europe.

Judean vases, circa 5th - 1st  century BCE.  The Torah is already in place.  Many believe the Torah takes final form by the 7th century BCE after Israel to the north has been invaded by Assyria and the kingdom of Judah in the south takes prominence in the development of the Jewish State.

Artifacts from left to right:
Judean Pottery Jug c. 5th -1st century BCE  |  Egyptian Ushabti, Third Intermediate Period c. 1069-945 BCE  
West Greek Amphorisko c. 6th century BCE | Greek Terracota Head of a Goddess c. 3rd - 1st Century BCE  
Attic Greek Lekythos, Athens, Attica 5th century BCE  | Judean Juglet c. 5th-1st Century BCE.  

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